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Media Coverage

We have been fortunate enough to have our work highlighted by a variety of sources:

April 2016 - Cole gives tips about biking with children in tow (thanks, Willow)! (link)

April 2016 - Willow and proud father Cole were featured as part of the Annual UW Scavenger Hunt! (link)

March 2016 - Cole receives the UW Distinguished Teaching Award! (link 1, link 2)

November 2015 - Cole was selected as the Fall 2015 UW Commute Champion by UW Transportation Services! (link)

September 2015 - Cole was featured in the UW Faculty Friday column for The Whole U! (link)

Autumn 2013 - We have received several warm welcomes from both the UW College of Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering! (link 1, link 2, pdf 1, pdf 2)

March 2012 - Prof. Ali Khademhosseini (MIT) has featured our photoreversible work in a Lab on a Chip Research Highlights article! (link, pdf)

March 2012 - Prof. Qian Wang (U. South Carolina) has written a nice summary of our photoreversible patterning work for a Angewandte Chemie Highlights article! (link, pdf)

February 2012 - Prof. Matthias Lutolf (EPFL) has nicely summarized our recent photoreversible peptide patterning work for a News & Views article for Nature! (link, pdf)

February 2012 - Our work appears on the cover of this month's Angewandte Chemie International Edition!

December 2011 - Our work appears on the cover of this month's Nature Chemistry!

October 2011 - Chemistry World has highlighted some of our recent advancements with photopatternable/photodegradable materials here!

Cole DeForest wins DSM award with Jos Put, CTO DSM

September 2011 - Cole wins the DSM Polymer Technology Award co-sponsored by the American Chemical Society! Press releases can be found here and here.

October 2010 - Chemistry World did a nice writeup on using click chemistry in biological systems and how it is utilized in "my" lab. (link, pdf)

October 2010 - Cole was interviewed for the Chemistry World podcast (he starts at 20:50)! (link, mp3)

July 2009 - Prof. Jason Burdick (UPenn) has written a nice News & Views article for Nature detailing our patternable click-based hydrogels. (link, pdf)

June 2009 - Brink, a TV show on the Science Channel, aired a special on Kristi's research in a segment entitled "Self-Healing Technology!" (link)